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Red Rooster Chicken & Deli Mart

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While returning east from India Garden today, I bumped into a place that claims to serve Cleveland's Finest "Hot" Corned Beef.

It was at the Red Rooster Chicken & Deli Mart, at 12901 Detroit Avenue (Detroit and Cohasset in Lakewood).

One sees these signs from time to time and I wonder if the printer is asking us to suspend our disbelief or maybe wants us to pretend that it's "hot". I think there are other ways to emphasis a sandwich's temperature.

Given that I was already quite full from India Garden and given my suspicion of any place with these signs, I decided to motor my way past and continue east.

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The question does remain unanswered though. Who prints these signs and what do they hope to gain by advertising Cleveland's Finest "Hot" Corned Beef?

Next time I see one I'll have to check out the fine print at the bottom. Looks like there's an address printed there.

About the logo

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Best Corned Beef in Cleveland (logo)My favorite Corned Beef logo sign in this city is easily the neon one on the corner of East 36th and Euclid gracing what was once Hatton's Deli.

Stimulated by this sign, I contacted Julie Cajigas of Inspired Copy & Communications who put me in touch with Alex Cantrell. I think we only went through one or two iterations before I got exactly what I wanted.

I mean, just look at that sandwich! Do you see how the bread fairly follows the contours of that mound of Corned Beef? And all that dripping savory goodness?

And of course the lettering reminds me of the neon sign.

So everything comes together in this logo just the way that I wanted it! Thanks, Alex!


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