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A great sandwich is . . .

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A friend described something recently that I thought applied to our quest for great Corned Beef:

A really great Corned Beef sandwich exceeds your ability to anticipate the flavor, texture and delight being revealed in the next bite.

Each bite, while still familiar, is a first bite. That's a great Corned Beef sandwich.

What's your definition?

His name is Carl

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I was out and about today, first in Tremont, then downtown and finally a lunch-time event on the west bank of the Flats. The Meetup page for this event was screwed up and I thought I was saving money by bringing my own lunch, but alas, that wasn't the case.

In any event, I took advantage of being downtown to call up Ontario Street Cafe and order a Corned Beef on rye with mustard and swiss cheese, chips and a pickle for eight bucks even (a little steep).

When I arrived, Carl (he spells it with a "C") remembered me, thanked me for remembering them and packaged an awesome sandwich for me to take to my meeting.

When I arrived, I sat next to a fellow who commented that since he was downtown, he'd have to stop by Slyman's for a Corned Beef sandwich before heading back to the eastside.

Now how could I let that sort of a comment go?!! So I asked him how he likes Corned Beef and he tells me. I ask him about lean and crumbly and swiss cheese and what type of mustard, etc.

By his answers, I could tell we were kindred spirits of sorts.

When I proceeded to open my bag and pull out what he had just described as a perfect sandwich, I thought he might jump me and take away my lunch.

But he resisted.

So of course, after the meeting ended I scribbled "Need Sandwich Writers" on the back of one of my Best Corned Beef in Cleveland dot com cards and handed it to him.

He's going to think about it. Maybe we'll see his name on these pages soon.

And who is Carl? He's the guy at Ontario Street Deli who makes these awesome sandwiches. Drop by and tell him I sent you.


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