A truly tasty sandwich!

OK, so Cleveland’s Corned Beef sandwich isn’t for everyone. But it should be.

Generally using the brisket cut of beef and then cured in a proprietary brine, Corned Beef gets its name from the “corns” or kernels of course salt used to preserve it. When sliced and placed between two pieces of bread, topped with some melted swiss cheese and maybe some mustard, it makes a tasty sandwich.

Eat it lean and crumbly … or moist and juicy. Contain it between two slices of rye … or a kaiser roll. Spread some mustard, dab it in horseradish or … go without.

However you slice or prepare it, passions run high!

Is there a Best Corned Beef in Cleveland?

Some will argue that this has already been decided and ask why we’re wasting the internet bits on all of this. Others will want to suggest that there are two or three really good Corned Beef sandwiches in Cleveland. A few will want to come with us on this odyssey as we explore what Cleveland has to offer (and likely gain a few pounds).

Join us!

So read on for a lighthearted look at how an amazing city serves a truly tasty sandwich.