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Alexa (AKA Cleveland's a Plum) makes an Irish Mimosa with Corned Beef.

Seth Golias is a guest writer and sandwich eater for Best Corned Beef in Cleveland. He recently visited the Corned Beef Cafe and tells us about his experience. If you want to guest post on this blog, check out the guidelines here.

While making my rounds at work, I spied the Corned Beef Cafe in Broadview Heights (map). Now being a lover of corned beef sandwiches, it didn't take much contemplation to decide where I was going for lunch.

I walked in and promptly ordered a standard corned beef sandwich on rye with swiss to go. The staff seemed friendly and I left feeling very excited at the thought of devouring this new delicious smelling sandwich.

After a drive that seemed to never end, I arrived at my office and eagerly unwrapped my lunch. The sandwich was definitely big enough, after all, a proper corned beef sandwich is not made to fit in your mouth. I must say the taste was fairly good, but I was disappointed in the quality of the meat. I prefer a more lean sandwich, one that tends to "crumble" and is not too chewy. This sandwich was a little more on the fatty side and the meat was sliced a little too thick. I think good corned beef should be sliced as thin as possible. I know many people don't agree with me, but the thickness of the slice does wonders for the texture.

I personally can't say that the Corned Beef Cafe has the best corned beef in Cleveland as their window signs would suggest, but I can say that despite the opposition to my preferred style, the overall experience was agreeable.

-Seth Golias, March 11, 2011

I occasionally hear from people who want to know if I accept guest posts (I do!) on Best Corned Beef in Cleveland (and I certainly ask a fair amount of people to post). Here are the guidelines in case you're interested.

Things to cover

Who: You (and your friends)
What: 200-500 words on your Corned Beef sandwich experience
Where: Cleveland-area
When: Within a day or two of eating your sandwich
Why: Because you like Corned Beef

Oh, and if at all possible, please include a picture or two!


Your review should include where you got it, what was on it, if you liked it or not, some mention of the restaurant, etc., links if available, address, etc., anything funny or unusual about the sandwich or the restaurant, etc. If you can include your personal "style" of sandwich (aka, the way you like to eat it), that would be excellent.
  • You shouldn't receive free food, discounts or payments in exchange for your review.
  • I prefer that your post be original and that it hasn't been published before on the Internet.
  • If you'd like to post it on your own blog, please wait 30-45 days to do so.
  • Please include a byline which can link to your personal site and/or your email.

How do I submit my guest post?

If you have a post that meets the guidelines and instructions above, please send it to me at Please include the post in the body of your email or as a Word/HTML attachment.

I usually will reply within a day or two stating if (and when) we will publish your post. If I reject it, I usually explain why and you can resubmit or you are obviously free to publish it to your own blog, etc.

Thank you for considering a guest post at Best Corned Beef in Cleveland!

Tommy's on Coventry

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Tommy's Cigar - Corned Beef Sandwich (pita)

Tommy's on Coventry in Cleveland Heights is one of my family's favorites. We think their food is great, the prices reasonable, the variety astounding and the service well-done.

We recently had a birthday to celebrate and the birthday boy requested Tommy's. I was only too happy to oblige since I knew they had a Corned Beef sandwich (on a pita) that I was drooling to try out.

It's called the Cigar and is listed to have "four ounces of corned beef with onion, mushrooms, pickles, sesame sauce, mustard and cheese". Sounds like my kind of sandwich!

Tommy's Cigar - Corned Beef Sandwich (pita) - opened

Overall, it was a good Corned Beef sandwich. (I'm not a big fan of sesame sauce and next time I would order it without. Even taking that into consideration, it's an example of good Corned Beef.)

I'm starting to get the idea that in order to be truly great, a sandwich needs to have eight or ten ounces of Corned Beef. I'll certainly have to try that idea out in the coming months. Maybe I ask for a double Cigar next time?!

Until then, if you're wanting to try something satisfying, tasty and delicious with a different presentation, certainly consider Tommy's! They're even on Twitter!

And make certain you save room for one of a shake or malt. Moosetracks is awesome.

Pastrami on marble ryeSo what's your favorite Best Corned Beef in Cleveland?

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