Slyman's gets the politician's attention

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9499908-large.jpgVice President Joe Biden, Sen. Sherrod Brown paid a morning visit to Slyman's on Tuesday, April 19th, the day we posted about our recent visit there.

With this, their celebrity list grows even longer. They also count a visit from President George W. Bush in 2007 (and, of course, your esteemed writers and sandwich eaters).

Senator Brown didn't respond to our request for comment on his experience.

You can view some video as well.

(Photo by John Kuntz. Photo caption: "Vice President Joe Biden and Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown look over a menu at Slyman's Restaurant in Cleveland on April 19, 2011." Link to original Plain Dealer article.)

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More on Joe Biden eating a sandwich:

My wife and i travel about 65 miles to get a corned beef sandwich and potato salad.This the best corned beef i have ever tasted.

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