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Sy Ginsberg's Corned Beef BrisketThis is not my ideal delivery method for Corned Beef.

I much prefer it sliced nice and thin and piled mile high between a pair of deli rye slices.

And just a touch of mustard.

Oh and some dripping melted swiss.

But if we're just talking about Corned Beef transportation, this Detroit import from United Meat & Deli will probably be sufficient.

Imagine!! How many sandwiches can you make with nearly 100 pounds of Corned Beef briskett?!!

At least three or four. . . .

I found this empty keg as a prop at the Greater Cleveland Council's Glacier Ridge District Cub Scout Day Camp this summer.

And then for lunch I had to have turkey and cheddar on a pita. Oh, the inhumanity!


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