Where we're going

Here's a list of what's next on the menu (in no particular order). As we visit and write about each sandwich, we'll move them over to Where We've Been. Please feel free to contact us with suggestions!

  • Alvies Gateway Grille, 2033 Ontario Street, Cleveland
  • B & J's Corned Beef Shoppe & Deli, 9717 Lorain Ave, Cleveland
  • House of Corned Beef, Shaker Square, Shaker Heights
  • Vienna Distributing, 8110 Carnegie, Cleveland
  • Goodman's Sandwich Inn‎, 5164 Pearl Rd, Parma
  • The Cleveland Corned Beef Co., 5164 Pearl Rd, Parma
  • Tal's Beverage and Deli, 5747 Ridge Rd., Parma
  • Simon's in Brecksville
  • Bakery & Cafe, Roanoke & Noble Road, Cleveland Heights
  • Harvard Deli, 14716 Harvard Ave, Cleveland
  • Superior Ave. Deli, 9108 Superior Ave, Cleveland
  • Manhattan Deli, 8900 Mentor Ave., Mentor
  • Cohen's Corned Beef, 9167 Mentor Ave, Mentor
  • Corky and Lenny's, 27091 Chagrin Blvd, Woodmere
  • Spot Deli, 5775 Chevrolet Blvd, Parma
  • Joe's Deli, 19215 Hilliard Blvd, Rocky River
  • Panini's Bar and Grille, 1825 Coventry Blvd, Cleveland Heights
  • Joseph's Classic Deli, 6595 Brecksville Rd, Independence
  • Jack's Deli, 14490 Cedar Rd., University Heights
  • Superior Restaurant, 3000 Superior Ave, Cleveland
  • Heidi's Brooklyn Deli, 6901 Rockside Rd, # 1, Independence
  • Melt Bar & Grilled, 13463 Cedar Road, Cleveland Heights (in March only?)
  • Mom's Deli & Grill, 13900 York Boulevard, Cleveland
  • Old World Deli, 1667 Pearl Road, Brunswick
  • Yum Yum's Downtown Treats, 512 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland
  • Chicago Deli, 34290 Aurora Rd, Solon

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I was born and raised in Cleveland but moved away a few years ago. There are two things I miss more than anything from my hometown, Corned Beef Sandwiches and Polish Boy. There is absolutely nothing like a moist delicious corned beef sandwich from Cleveland.

I currently live in Columbus Ohio and there are a couple Cleveland natives who have opened restaurants here. Let me just say they have given the corned beef sandwich a bad name. I have attmepted to knaw through dry, rubbery, fatty corned beef that they are attempting to pass off her in Columubs, hey they are making us look bad. And don't even get me started on this guy's polish boy....tasted like soggy trash. I am homesick for corned beef and polish boys.....sniff sniff.

I wonder if there's a market for mail-order Corned Beef? Now that I think about it, I think Mr. Brisket would ship you some.
(Warning: Turn down your computer's sound before visiting http://misterbrisket.com !!!)

Have you ever tried making it at home?

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